So Far – From Now

<So Far>
SMEs who are manufacturers go up to 25 years working manager.Based in Tokyo, we have achieved excellent results for 10 years. (2 billion yen / year) I feel the limit of the company.
I want to retire from a company that has been working for 25 years and I want to grow more. The robott that will come soon, enters into new preparations ahead of the age of AI.
The ability that I possess is an important element corresponding to the new age.

1) Programming C PHP
2) B2B sales
3) Organization management

Involved in various development using the age C language of MS-DOS. Is it Windows and PHP now?Considering the flow of the times …
C → C ++ → html → PHP → plugin → template….For example, the time to set 301 redirect in html is now only checked on the template. It’s a great innovation.
In line with such technological innovations, we change the industry and conduct marketing to produce excellent results. Acquiring organizational management
skills along with advancement, organizational results average $ 18 million per yearWith my ability learned from the basics, there is no reason I can not get over
the coming era!An excellent CPU is not enough. People with special abilities are not the only ones with GPUsI have technology,
development, B2B sales, management ability and I am a motherboard. I look forward to a new era in the future.

<From now on> 
major reforms will begin. The way of working is one of them. The stable way of working as a company employee has already become a myth, and from now on it has become an era when individuals have to make money. In particular, in Japan, all-around current assets are retained by the company’s internal reserves, not to the bottom employees. From the fact that I saw that fact, I thought about monetization in the individual and ended up putting an end to the company employee.

Spell the coming events.