Why should Japan go when you go to Bangkok, Thailand?

海に浮かぶ船 アジアの情報

Why should Japan go when you go to Bangkok, Thailand?


A relaxing time in Thailand increases the sense of well-being in life.Pad Thai or Coriander After eating hot food and walking in the hot, go to Japan and rest! Six hours by air from Bangkok to Japan. I arrived while I was sleeping.It’s not a curiosity, your body wants.


Above all, there are many airlines coming and going frequently from Bangkok to Tokyo. Is it more than the trains in your city? !


I went to Tokyo in about six hours from Bangkok

JINRIKISYAAfter six hours of flying from Bangkok, you will be rested in the beauty of your body and mind. Thai massage is good, but you will know that you can relax from the inside of the body to the beauty of Japan! Fusion of oldness and newness Not only ”sushi”” and ”tempura”


If you have a ”Spicymeal“ in Thailand→Rest your stomach with Japanese food

UDONThere are simple noodles “Udon” in Japan. Very simple very delicious. And healthy! Food “Udon” that purifies body and mind……..Nearby countryThere are many spicy foods when I go to Korea. China is the same.In this, I do not know that the inside of the body rests.




Now you too are an Asian specialist

So healthy in just six hours!She reports about the goodness of Japan.If you look at this video you will definitely buy a ticket.”Now you too are an Asian specialist”The basics of Japan are introduced by her. There is no doubt if you look at this

Let’s buy a ticket immediately